3D printing can help anyone live a independent, self-reliant life. Many files can be customized (parametric) for your unique needs. Please contact 3D-PT for any questions.

Q: Can 3D printed items be used in school?

A: ABSOLUTELY! These items can be included as part of your students IEP / 504 plan. Always check with the schools administration and teachers before letting your child use these items in class.

Q: What is a fidget?

A:Fidgets are a small, hand-held item that anyone with a shot attention span can use to fidget in your seat.

Q: What guidelines should be in place when my child uses a fidget?

A: 1. They are the only person allowed to use it. 2. They can't distract classmates with them. 3.Work with teachers to judge when a good time to use them will be. 

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