To look for 3D_PT free files files, please view the following files on Thingiverse.

When you find the file you like (.stl format please) you can submit it to 3D-PT for printing using the 3D hubs button to the left.

Many of the files for 3D printing can be customized to your needs. 3D printing is great for creating custom items! 3D - PT can design or rebuild unique items for your custom needs! From tooling to cake toppers, 3D printing can be used to create it all!

3D-PT does all CAD and 3D printing in house, and can sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) upon request. 3D-PT can price small batch production runs of your unique items, with discounts for runs that take whole spools of filament.

CAD time is $10.00 / hr, and 3D Printing $10.00 / hr plus material cost.

A wide range of filament material is avilable on demand, from industrial composites to colorful strands of PLA, biodegradable hemp, or glow in the dark filaments. Please contact 3D-PT for a quote

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