To look for 3D_PT free files files, please view the following files on Thingiverse.

When you find the file you like (.stl format please) you can submit it to 3D-PT for printing using the 3D hubs button to the left.

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Many of the files for 3D printing can be customized to your needs. 3D printing is great for creating custom items! 3D - PT can design or rebuild unique items for your custom needs! From tooling to cake toppers, 3D printing can be used to create it all!

3D-PT does all CAD and 3D printing in house, and can sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) upon request. 3D-PT can price small batch production runs of your unique items, with discounts for runs that take whole spools of filament.

CAD time is $10.00 / hr, and 3D Printing $10.00 / hr plus material cost.

A wide range of filament material is avilable on demand, from industrial composites to colorful strands of PLA, biodegradable hemp, or glow in the dark filaments. Please contact 3D-PT for a quote