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3D-PT has partnered with Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museumto provide a series of classes to the public!

Please click on this link to sign up for classes through the museum. Click here for upcoming classes and descriptions!

3D-PT can also come to Scout meetings! 3D-PT is run by an Eagle Scout and Woodbadge trained adult. 3D-PT is building a program to include 3D printing into various merit badges. Please stay tuned for more details.

3D-PT can also do lessons with home school students! 3D-PT can come to your home or library to present 2 hr - week long classes on 3D printing. This can be for a individual family or small group. Please contact for a quote!

3D-PT can also develop training packages for corporate training, teacher professional development or other events! Please contact 3D-PT for a quote!

If you want prepared lesson plans, which include free 3D printable files, I have started publishing full lessons on

These lessons are designed for Middle and High school STEM classes, and can also cover home school and small class settings.