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WELCOME to the LEGAL PAGE! Sorry, I have to cover my rear here.

SALES POLICY: Classes through WING OVER THE ROCKIES are paid through the museum.

FIDGETS: Fidgets are sold as a novelty item, and are not intended to treat or cure any disorder. Any fidget should be used with adult supervision. 3D-PT assumes no liability for use or misuse of this product.

REFUND POLICY: As custom printed items, we can not take them back. Orders are printed as submited, the customer is responsible for specifying the correct size and color. Due to variation in the filament material, the color may vary slightly from what is pictured on this site. Any substutions will be made with prior notice. 

Refunds are with prior approval only. Refunds will be credited back to the origional account.

E-Mail Policy: By signing up for E-mail, you agree to let 3D-PT email you newsletters, suerveys, and other marketing materials. Our E-mail list is private and not sold or shared with others. 

COPYWRITE: All pictures, websites, writings, social media, and other intelectual property are the copywrite of 3D-PT, llc, and its owner, Stan Baldwin. All 3D model files are copywrite of their origonal owners, and produced here by request of the customer, who is solely liable for obtaining the nessary permision. Most 3D model files are avalaible under Creative Commons / Open Source liscensing.

Shipping Policy: USPS flat rate padded envelope default. All others, please contact 3D-PT BEFORE ordering. Orders combined whenever possible. International shipping, add $2.00 USD for customs fees. 

LEGAL JURISDICTION: All legal jurisdiction for any legal matters resides in Arapahoe County, Aurora, CO, USA. 

Social Media: Any comments posted on social media, blogs, twitter feed, or other social media are the opinions and liability of the origional poster. Speech may be free, but not the consequences.